Welcome, Collaborators!

Start Sharing Your Passion For Hair System!
If you are stylish and enthusiastic for men, why not share your knowledge and expertise with the world? Become an Hair System's Brand Ambassador with Tuephair and start inspiring and motivating other lash lovers.


In return for your help, we've created a special array of benefits for our Especially For You Brand Ambassadors:

  1. New product (on free) sneak peeks and the opportunity to provide feedback on future products.
  2. Incredible earning potential! You’ll earn 5% commission on all orders placed by your clients.
  3. Be featured on the Tupehair Instagram and grow your following

  4. Free recommend customers who nearby your places.
  5. Opportunity to build your network and clientele (When you are representing a certain brand, company, or business as a brand ambassador, you will have to engage with various experts and lash lovers. Because of this, you have a chance to introduce and build your network. This can open a LOT of doors for you in the future.)
  6.  Receive 25% off your orders with an exclusive Brand Ambassador Discount Code. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

How the discount code works: Once you've been accepted into the Brand Ambassador program, we'll provide you with your own special discount code. You can use it to buy products at a 25% discount (cannot be combined with other sales, promotions, or discounts) and you can share it with other lash artists, esthetics instructors, salon owners, and eyelash extension enthusiasts to receive 25% off their orders. When you share your discount code, you'll receive 5% commission on those orders


  • Certified Stylist Technician

  •  Post on social media, tagging @Tupehairofficial

  • "@Tupehair Ambassador" must be added to your bio

  • Social media account must be public

  • Be our current customer and use our product

  • A consistent schedule of posting lash related material at least once a week on social media

  • Tag us on all posts using our products