How to choose hair color from Tupehair

The choice of color needs to be patient, because there will be color difference between the picture and the real thing, and it can only be confirmed by the picture, we suggest that you take a few pictures in different light and send them to our sales staff, we will choose the color for you, if you already Very experienced in choosing colors for yourself, you can refer to our pictures for selection.

The basic color of the Hair System change gradually from black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, to golden yellow. The color difference between the two color numbers will be a little, and there will be color difference between each batch of Hair Systems. If requiring no color difference, you can provide your color sample, and we will match it according to the color sample you provide.

 How to choose hair color-Tupehair

Gray hair: . Taking 1B# as the basic color as example, please refer to the picture for the renderings of gray and white hair in different proportions.

 How to choose gray hair

In addition to the base, color, and size mentioned above, if it is customized order, you need to choose the hair density, hair length, front contour, hairstyle, and hair wave etc...