Hair Systems for men- Made in China

Hair Systems for men- Made in China

"Is it made in China? "

It is very strange that more and more professional buyers ask me this as beginning. usually I replied that 90% of the hair systems are made in China. Don't worry about the quality, you can buy it with confidence.

If you still don't know about our industry, it is necessary to take a closer look at this blog.

A few days ago, a wig company from a South Asian country sent me a message, asking if I wanted to buy hair toupee? of course I refused, as we also produce hair Systems. He said his price was very cheap. After talking for a while, the price was unbelievably cheap. I showed the price to the boss. The boss said that we need to do further processing if we buy this kind of hair systems. It's not as simple as our own production.....

At the beginning, I didn’t understand why it was so cheap. Our handcrafting fee was higher than the price of their goods. Later, after talking with customers, I found out that this USD50 hair systems is basically a preliminary processing, because of the raw material is not good hair, If this kind of hair is not treated, the hair will be easily tangled during use, and normally they lack gloss, there are different colors hair mixing, users will feel very bad... This kind of hair systems only be good for users who have no quality requirements because it is cheap enough.

So what is the difference between hair systems made in China? First of all, in terms of raw materials, we choose relatively good hair, and the bad hair will be manually selected, and then our hair dyeing technicians will repair the hair texture, correct the color of the hair, and dye the hair color according to the needs of different users. Hair that has been dyed in different colors can only be used in the knotting process after the hair is processed. At present, the knotting part is done in China, and the labor cost will be relatively high that is almost the same as the price of cheap hair systems in the market; After the hair process, we will also post-process the hair systems, because the hair will be damaged to a certain extent in the process of knotting, and the post-processing will make the hair smoother, healthier and tougher, and the customer will not feel any uncomfortable during use. Well, the last is the packaging process, cheap hair systems do not have so many craft.

Usually the hair system that sell for hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars on the market come from Chinese wig factories, because the requirements for the fineness of wig production are different, the labor hours will be different, the price will also be different. There is a big difference, so it is said that you get what you pay for, if you don’t understand, don’t judge completely by the price.

This tupe hair, please ask us if you have anything.