Little Tips to use a hair systems

double side adhensive tapes

 Choose a right hair systems for yourself

Choose Anti-allergic, strong adhesive

● Find a professional salon to wear

In the previous blog, we analyzed how to choose a right hair systems (click here to know again). Choosing the right hair systems base is very important.

In brief if you like breathable and natural hair, you can choose lace,

If you like sturdy and durable hair, you can choose MONO,

and if you like very invisible and extremely soft hair, you can choose ultra-thin PU.

Little tip: If you are purchasing a hair systems that needs to be cut, you must consider whether the base of the selected hair systems can be cut arbitrarily.

For example, MONO material cannot be cut, and it must be fixed by PU, otherwise the base will fall apart.

When cutting lace, pay attention to the fixed line of the lace. Lace is a very soft material. When making all lace base, we need to make some auxiliary lines to fix the curvature of the base, Therefore, when trimming, try to avoid cutting the fixed line.

When trimming PU, you can draw a line firstly, and then use pointed scissors to cut against the PU. Be careful not to cut the hair, you can also fix the middle hair with a rubber band beforehand.


There are a variety of glues and double-sided adhesive tapes on the market. Before use, you can test the stickiness and permeability of the glue on the back of your hand. After selecting the appropriate glue/double-sided adhesive tape, you must do an allergy test.

Little tips: You can use it on the inside of your wrist or behind your ears in a small area. After 24 hours, if there is no abnormality, you can use it on your head in a large area


Why do we encourage users to wear hair systems under help of professional salons?
Firstly, the hair systems you purchased is not a finished product, but a semi-finished product. You need to trim it according to your face shape;
Secondly, professional salons can effectively fix wigs and prevent them from easily falling off or wearing inaccurate positions during later use;
Thirdly, it is important that professional people take care of hair systems to extend their lifespan;


Ask if the salon has sufficient experience in wearing hair systems;
Consult on the cost of regular maintenance of hair systems;
Consult on precautions for daily maintaince of hair systems;



If spraying hair gel products on hair, it is necessary to clean them timely, otherwise it will be tangled easily and make it difficult to clean;
Avoid using a pointed comb to comb hair, fingers are best choice;
When cleaning hair, do not leave the hair in water for a long time, as this will loosen the knots and cause hair loss;
When the hair is firmly worn on the head, do not use force to pull the hair, as it maybe make the scalp hurted and the hair broken 


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