Hair Systems For Men 0.02mm Thinnest Skin Dark Brown Toupee Hair
Hair Systems For Men 0.02mm Thinnest Skin Dark Brown Toupee Hair
Hair Systems For Men 0.02mm Thinnest Skin Dark Brown Toupee Hair
Hair Systems For Men 0.02mm Thinnest Skin Dark Brown Toupee Hair

Hair Systems For Men 0.02mm Thinnest Skin Dark Brown Toupee Hair

$198.00 USD

Introducing Tupehair’s TS 0.02 Mens Hair Systems V Looped Dark Black Hair Toupee , the thinnest men's hair pieces! Created by a world-renowned team of experts, not only does this hair systems offer an incredibly natural and undetectable look – it’s also lightweight and comfortable enough for daily wear.

Hair Color: #2

Get the thinnest hair system ever with Tupehair's TS 0.02 men's hair pieces ! This men's hair systems is made of a super transparent material for an incredibly natural and undetectable look. With its lightweight design, it can be worn continuously until it’s time for a replacement. Suitable for experienced men looking for an extremely natural effect

Base Material  Super Thin Skin 2mil,V Loop All Over
Hair Material All Human hair-European hair texture, besides grey hair (synthetic )
Size 8x10" (head's Left-right: 20cm; Front-Back: 25cm), cut-available
Wave 30mm, natural  wave
Hair Volume Medium 100%,  about  55g
Hair Style Freestyle (after washing, can comb freely)
Hair Length 6"
Durability Available 2 months, 3 months under good care
Craft 100% handmade V Looped
Delivery 24 hours for processing order. shipping time 3-5 working days
Kind Reminder

30-day money back  guarantee providing the hairpiece has not been cut, styled, colored, washed or worn

Beginner Guide

Beginner Guide

First of all thank you for trusting Tupehair. I believe, before placing an order, maybe you have some hesitation, such as whether this male hair piece is suitable for me, what color should I choose, why choose Tupehair and ect. Let us give you some guidance, please read the following carefully.

  • How to order a Hair System that suits you.

When choosing a Hair System, you generally need to confirm the Base, size, and color.

Base: If you want a strong Hair System, please choose MONO, which is a mesh with rectangular mesh; if you want a Hair System with good air permeability, please choose LACE, with a hexagonal mesh; If you want to be particularly natural and invisible, please choose all PU, which is a material that is transparent and solidified like glue. When you choose all PU base, you only need to consider its thickness, the thicker the PU, the longer it will last, but Note that the PU base has poor air permeability, and it is not recommended to use thick PU in places that are particularly hot or friends who love sports.

 Tupehair base

Size: If you can find a friend or family member to help you, you can refer to the picture to measure your size.

 Tupehair measure method

our LACE and ALL PU can be cut into small sizes, so you don't need to worry too much about the size. If you are confident in cutting it yourself, you can draw the required size on the Hair System and start cutting from base side as picture.


If you are worried that you can not cut it well, you can tell us the specific size and we can cut it for you. But note that the cut Hair System cannot be returned, please choose carefully whether you need this service.


You have determined what kind of Hair System you need, now please go to our product page and choose the Hair System you want according to the product category, such as lace Base, please choose Q6, All Lace, and then choose the basic color and white hair ratio, and proceed Payment for purchase, if you have special requirements, please be sure to inform our staff.

How to order - Tupehair

FAQ 1: What products do you need to use Hair System?

---In addition to daily hair care products (such as shampoo, comb) you also need glue or tape, and tape/glue remover. where you can buy it? Please visit our product page.

FAQ 2: how long time you can get the order?

---Normally, when we get your orders, our staff will reply you within 24 hours to confirm with you about order, after confirming the order, we will ship within 48 hours and inform you the tracking number of express, so please supply right contact to keep in touch with us. You will receive package within 6-8 working days after paying.

FAQ 3: what should you do when get the package?

--- check if the package is intact;

--- check Hair System is what you order;

--- check if having quality problem such as color, size, base is intact;

  • How to USE the Hair System?

We are sorry for not being able to solve the final problem for the time being. If you are using Hair System for the first time, please be sure to find a salon with experience in wearing Hair System. You can take your friends or family to learn how to wear it, and do it by yourself at home if needing not to cut hair.

If the Hair System that require special glue or tape for wigs do not have to be removed every day. Usually, the Hair System can stay on head for 1-3 weeks. You can swim, take a bath, etc. while wearing the wig, keep gently when washing hair along the hair direction, When the glue / tape is no longer strong, you need to take off it and reapply to wear.


Please do an allergy test with the glue / tape on the inside of the wrist or behind the ears before put on the Hair System on the head.

Hair Color

How to choose hair color from Tupehair

The choice of color needs to be patient, because there will be color difference between the picture and the real thing, and it can only be confirmed by the picture, we suggest that you take a few pictures in different light and send them to our sales staff, we will choose the color for you, if you already Very experienced in choosing colors for yourself, you can refer to our pictures for selection.

The basic color of the Hair System change gradually from black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, to golden yellow. The color difference between the two color numbers will be a little, and there will be color difference between each batch of Hair Systems. If requiring no color difference, you can provide your color sample, and we will match it according to the color sample you provide.

 How to choose hair color-Tupehair

Gray hair: . Taking 1B# as the basic color as example, please refer to the picture for the renderings of gray and white hair in different proportions.

 How to choose gray hair

In addition to the base, color, and size mentioned above, if it is customized order, you need to choose the hair density, hair length, front contour, hairstyle, and hair wave etc...


Shipping Details

Shipping Time

All stock hair systems:

Shipment takes place within 24 hours on working days. If you would like us to cut the base size down or cut and style the hair before shipment, please allow an additional 1-3 working days.

Tupehair cooperates with  DHL, FedEx,  UPS, etc. They ship to most countries within a week, usually 3-5 business days. For some special regions, other express service or postal service will be used and the shipping time is subject to the actual situation. 

Shipping Cost

Free worldwide free shipping orders over $159.00

* If order less than $159.00, the shipping cost is $29.9 if the package weighs under 0.5kg.

Customized order or sending in old hair systems, samples and templates :

Production time + delivery(3-5 working days)

production time is counted from the date that all the order details are confirmed, all the necessary samples and templates are received, and payment is received.



Base size ≤ 8“x10"

8”x10” < Base size ≤10"x10"

Base size >10"x10", or full cap

 Regular Production Time

Hair length < 8"

8-12 weeks

9-13 weeks

10-14 weeks

8" < Hair length ≤12"

9-13 weeks 10-14 weeks 11-15 weeks

12" <Hair length ≤ 20"

10-14 weeks 11-15 weeks 12-14 weeks

 Rush Production Time

Hair length < 8"

6-7weeks 7-8 weeks 8-9 weeks

8" < Hair length ≤ 12"

7-8 weeks 8-9 weeks 9-10 weeks

12" < Hair length ≤ 20"

8-9 weeks 9-10 weeks 10-11weeks


Customs Clearance

Customers are responsible for customs clearance cost. Please contact Customer Service if you have further questions.

After-sales G
Hair Color

#2, #210, #220, #240, #3, #310, #320, #340, #350, #365, #380